While babysitting a precocious 6 year old, Mia is stalked by a shadowy presence that trips the home security system. As loud beeps sound off whenever a door or window is opened, the system meant to protect her becomes an amplifying terror while she attempts to survive the night.

Director's Statement

Growing up on the outskirts of suburbs, I’ve always had a deep fondness for horror and science fiction that revolved around contemporary, everyday life. Visually stunning films that brought the impossible what-ifs and terrifying unknown into our homes and leave you questioning every bump in the night. 

Late one night while staying with my girlfriend’s family, watching a horror film  no less, we both hear the ominous beep-beep of the home security system. Already primed and on edge from the film, it took us a moment to rationalize what could have opened or closed in the house. We quickly came to the conclusion that it was her grandmother opening a window and since we survived the night, that was most likely the case, but what if it wasn’t? We were so conditioned to the security system’s beeps that someone or something could have gotten inside and we would be none the wiser. 

Over the following months, Joshua Storms and I crafted that moment into a tight, tension-filled nightmare. I wanted to explore the concept that the very thing that should be helping and supporting our characters is actually terrorizing them. Each time the security system beeps is a moment of horror and not of safety.

Principal Cast

Mia Charlie Morgan Patton

Holden Tristan Riggs

Brian Christopher Thomas Copeland

News Anchor Maranda Barskey 

Reporter Mark Stancato

Principal Crew

Director Ian Kammer

Writers Ian Kammer & Joshua Storms

Executive Producers Vincent Lin & Matthew D’amato

Cinematographer Justin Gurnari

Sound Designer Zak Devires

Composer Joshua Storms

Unit Production Manager Fanny Pierre

First Assistant Director Nick Mann

Production Designer Astrid Anderson

Sound Mixer Victor Alarcon

First Assistant Camera Jared Wennberg

Second Assistant Camera / Dit Lauren Arthur

Camera / Stedicam Operator Niels Lindelien

Gaffer Patrick Scanlon

Best Boy Electric John Dennis

Key Grip Noah Kelly

Colorist Daniel Silverman

Creature & Environmental VFX Josh Suyemoto

Compositing Artists Egor Rezichenko, Rohaman Sabbir

Using Format